Terms, Conditions, and Privacy Policy

Terms and Conditions

Effective as of and last updated on: Saturday, February 23rd, 2019.

By subscribing to and using the services provided by SHRT.email (herein known as "the service"), you (herein known as "the user") agree to follow all of the below terms and conditions of the service. The user acknowledges that any violation of the following terms may result in immediate cancellation of his/her access to the service, without refund.

Description of Services Offered
The service provides the following services at the cost of 6 (six) United States Dollars for each month of access, billed through Stripe:

  • Email access at one {username}@shrt.email address.
  • Basic webhosting with built-in SSL support at https://{username}.shrt.email
  • Unlimited (other than limits set by email address standards) forwarding aliases automatically configured for *@{username}.shrt.email
  • 100GB of cloud storage capacity, available through Nextcloud clients on all platforms and on the web at https://shrt.email.cloud. Webhosting space usage counts against this quota.
  • Webmail access to the chosen email address at https://shrt.email/mail
  • Access to the chosen email address through a variety of desktop and mobile email clients.
In the above descriptions, {username} refers to the username chosen by the user at time of registration.

After signing up for the service, the user may receive an occasional email from the service administrators. These emails will never be for marketing purposes and are solely to update users about maintenance windows, updated features, outages, and other important information pertaining to the service. These emails cannot be unsubscribed from, but they will never be sent in excess.

Conditions of Use
By using this service, the user acknowledges that none of the offered services may be used for illegal activity. This includes but is in no way limited to:

  • Sending of spam or unsolicited bulk emails.
  • Storing content the user does not legally own or have license to use/store.
  • Hosting inappropriate/illicit web content.
  • Hosting harmful, slanderous, or libelous material.
  • Misrepresenting themselves through email or web content.
  • Sharing or transmitting content the user is not explicitly authorized to by the content owner.
If the service detects or is alerted to any illegal activity by the user, the user's access to the service will be immediately revoked and their subscription will be cancelled.

Cancellation of Services

To cancel their service, the user simply needs to use the account management page or send an email to support@shrt.email with the subject "Cancellation Request". The body should contain the user's SHRT.email provided email address and the recovery email address. Upon receipt of the email, the service will cancel all future billings and disable the user's access to the service. For security and privacy reasons, the cancelled username will not be added back to the pool of available usernames. If the user wishes to reactivate, he or she will have to contact the administrator and request reactivation.

Privacy and Personal Data Policy

Effective as of and last updated on: Saturday, February 23rd, 2019.

Use of the service also constitutes acceptance of the following privacy policy. SHRT.email aims to keep things simple. Your data is safe and stored securely in the United States. All content uploaded to the cloud storage service is encrypted on the server side. The service does not store credit card details, and all passwords stored by the service are stored in secure databases and hashed using the industry-preferred BCRYPT2 hashing library. SHRT.email will never sell or otherwise distribute user information.

For cancelled accounts, all uploaded data will be lost as soon as the account is cancelled, either by request or due to a lapse in payment of the subscription.